'99' Torch Red Coupe 6 Speed
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There she is
Since I was itchin my daddy's leg, I have always dreamed of owning a corvette. At age 25 My dream came true when I bought a slightly used 99 Coupe in June 2001. She came with 11K miles, 6 Speed Transmission, Torch red, Black Interior, 1SC Preffered Group Options,Z51 Suspension, Performance axle, glass top and 12 Disc Changer. There is not a scratch on her, Rims are in emaculate form, and she is kept superclean at all times...

At this time I am planning no major modifications, the minor mods I may do are upgrade the rims to High Polish, red top, and 160 degree thermostat.

6/11 Bought the vette
7/11 Started this site
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